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COSMETICS Cosmetic labels and certifications : Beauty or hygiene products, in contact with the skin, they must meet the requirements accuracy in terms of quality and safety. The label guarantees consumers that the product or service meets criteria in terms of quality, origin, method of manufacture,… Certification is framed by law and certifies that the product meets standards. Certifications are issued by BIOCERT  organisms independent and recognized. >> International recognition standard, ISO 22716 certification allows you to value your approach with your customers and your prospects. >> Ensures consumers and your customers a high level oflevel of risk control of your cosmetic products at the level of production but also control, packaging, storage and shipments. >> Paraben-free certification : guarantee that cosmetic products are manufactured without the addition of preservatives (paraben). >> Certification of natural cosmetics: attests that the product is made from natural ingredients, >> Certification of organic cosmetics:  according to standards and international standards, ISO 16128, BIO EUROPE, USA, CANADA, …
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