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PLASTICS We offer a multitude of services related to products of plastic. Packaging, pipeline, tanks, toys, chairs, tables, tubes and fittings, etc. Ensure the answer to the quality requirements of your products, through the use of a recognized certification mark and neutral. As a service provider, we check and certify the safety, performance and quality of technical equipment means of production and durable goods and consumer goods. >>> ISO 11469:2016 PlastiCs : Generic identification and product marking  plastic; and other certification according to                                                                              ISO standards; Certificates of conformity: After inspection and tests on the products we deliver the  certificates of                                                           conformity according to Algerian, European standards and / or                                                                        international;   certificats de conformités selon les normes Algériennes, Européennes et/ou internationales ; >>> Biodegradable plastic certification:  used mainly for product packaging organic cosmetics; >>> Recycling plastic: ecological recycling of plastic concentrates its evaluations on thetraceability, conformity and efficiency of the recycling process. This certification thus guaranteessuppliers and customers: - that the recycler has adopted good practices for dealing with all incoming plastic waste in accordance with quality standards  high; - and that it respects the environment and acts according to the standard  and national legislation.
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