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BIOCERT ALGERIA is the leader in GFSI benchmark certification, with outstanding technical expertise, regularly calibrated auditors and the ability to provide a fast track to certification

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    There are three levels of certification available:          Level 1: Basic Principles of Food Security          Level 2: HACCP Plans Certified for Food Safety Level 3: Complete Systems for Quality Management and Food Safety "The SQF Code, edition 7 is a food safety standard recognized bythe Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) which applies to products specific toan industry or a business and that offers benefits to bothsuppliers and their customers. Produce produced andmanufactured under SQF Code certification enjoy a degreeof high acceptance at the level of world markets " The GFSI initiative has been set up to allow businesses to confidently provide safe food to consumers while continuing to improve the food security of the entire supply chain. Global GFSI standards focus on commodities packaging, packaging materials, storage and distribution and are for primary producers, manufacturers and distributors. We offer the Safe Quality Food Program (SQF), a certification system for the management of quality and food safety based on HACCP for all sectors of the industry food, from primary production to distribution and transportation
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