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Certification is carried out by the manufacturer, exporter or seller of a product in order to confirm product conformity to requirements and standards of the Russian Federation.

The GOST R Certificate of Conformity

The certification system of the Eurasian Economic Union is known as: certificationEAC of the Eurasian Customs Union." "Confirms product quality and compliance with standards and requirementsof the Russian Federation " Certification of a lot of goods: The certificate contains the details of the Russian buyer, the quantity and the product name,in accordance with the contract concluded with the Russian company. Certification of mass production: The certificate is issued to the manufacturer company. Depending on the certification scheme, the duration ofvalidity of the certificate extends from one to three years. If necessary, the manufacturing site will be controlledby our experts. The certificate is drawn up taking into account the site control protocol and the resultslaboratory tests. The certificate will only indicate the products presented for certification.Unlike the ISO certificate, the GOST-R is issued for a commodity (a product) and not forthe entire manufacturing site
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